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Hurricane Isaac Bears Down

Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac is onshore and is causing significant damage in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. The storm is moving inland at a steady six miles per hour and inflicting significant tree damage. At its current rate, Hurricane Isaac could take up to 30 hours to pass over an area, scouring it with 20 inches of rain and intense wind damage. If you experience tree or storm damage, give us a call or email and let us come help you out.

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Alabama Tree and Debris

Trim Trees Now to Reduce Storm Damage Later

Summer hurricane season is approaching! Trim your trees now to lessen the possible impact these storms will have on your home.

Pecan trees and Bradford Pears are especially prone to storm damage. Other varieties of trees, such as American Holly and Southern Magnolia trees are prone to high wind resistance which makes them even more susceptible to storm damaage.

The University of Florida has produced some great research on hurricanes and tree survivability. There is also a free ebook guide to assessing tree damage from hurricanes and deciding the best course of action.

Free ebook guide: Assessing Hurricane-Damaged Trees and Deciding What to Do

If you have trees that are weakened due to drought or age, call or contact us today!